PageOne Curator

PageOneCurator launched in 2012 as one of the first content curation tools on the market.

With over 5000 customers we realised we were onto something great.  So we went and made it even better.

We evolved PageOneCurator into Kudani and more recently KudaniCloud which is the latest evolution of this incredible platform.

PageOneCurator has been retired and we highly recommend  prospects review KudaniCloud for their curation needs.

The software will enable you to take your curation and content marketing to the next level. It helps you get more traffic, leads and revenue to your website.
Specifically it features a:
  • Built in editorial calendar – which will help you plan and help you to get consistent growth
  • A Project management engine – so you can create and manage tasks for your team – they even get emailed in case they’re not logged in.
  • Built in feed reader – enables you to grab the best content immediately from your favourite sources – enabling you to publish new and fresh content.
  • Discover tool – Shows you the content in your niche thats trending right now. Sorts by share volume so you know what HOT!
  • Built in Image library and editor – So you can source and create stunning catching images from Unsplash and Pixabay without leaving your post – increase engagement and lowers bounce rate.
  • Social included – so you can automatically promote to your network – increasing clicks and traffic.
  • Keyword tool – to discover the keywords that actually have traffic
  • Built in SEO analysis – so you can see which keywords really matter.
  • Headline tool – to create blog posts that get clicks – increases traffic and conversion on blogs and social
  • Curated email newsletters – Brand New – Create topical news letters that increase engagement on your list.
  • Share trending content your Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin page – increasing your authority (you don’t even need to write anything)
  • Multi-user – so others in your company can use it.
  • Workflow – to enable you to approve content others are creating for you.
  • Browser web clipper – so where ever you are on the web – you can bookmark snippets of content which will automatically appear in your account.
  • Easy to use analytics – so you can actually see whats going on without leaving the application
  • Integrated helpdesk support and help videos

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“This tool is a brilliant piece of software and is one of the best software purchases I have made.I am pleased to say I have been using it every day to add posts to my blog.” – Janet