About Us

Since inception in October 2011 our focus has been to identify problems with online marketing and build software that solves them.  

We are self-funded and proud to be growing organically. 



Our strategy is (and has always been) to help small businesses and agencies create and promote relevant content with minimum effort.



Since July 2013, Kudani (Koo-darn-ee, Swahili for ‘imagine’) has been our main focus. With hard work and dedication we have grown Kudani from conception to a profitable brand within 2 years – and it’s growing fast.
Kudani encompasses all aspects of online content marketing – content curation, SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, conversion, analytics – while giving you access to what content is working and trending right now. We constantly update the software to incorporate market changes and customer demands.
The ‘For Dummies’ brand choose Kudani to help explain content marketing in their February 2016 book and worked with us to produce a mini ‘Content Marketing For Dummies – Kudani Limited Edition’ for our customers.


Paul Bannister (Clifford)

Paul Bannister is the founder and CEO. He has been building software for over 20 years. Prior to 2011 he worked with Nike, Statestreet Bank, Adidas, Carrefour and DeutschePost building large enterprise SaaS platforms – which are still in use today. He has been involved in 3 start-ups, the last of which sold to Taleo Inc for $38 million in 2011.
He founded the company in London, July 2011.   In 2013 he moved the business and his family to San Diego to launch and grow Kudani.


Meet The Team


Paul Bannister (Clifford)
Founder & CEO
Kirsi Raaska
Director of Operations
Simion Ploscariu
Software Developer
Mirosław Farajewicz
Software Developer
Michal Kustra
Software Developer
Enrique Schweizer
Testing and Quality Assurance