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I gave Kudani a try and I'm so glad I did. I upgraded to agency and I'm now a loyal customer and power user. The software itself simplifies the process of finding great content and photos on the web, and scheduling multiple posts in a few easy clicks. With the Snipper, I can save interesting pages I find into the software and use pages for posting. Plus, I can add and give access to a number of my clients so they can log in and post, or see what we're doing. Plus, I've added my staff to Kudani so they can do the posting for me and I can view their work. Finding content, pictures, scheduling posts, enabling both clients and staff. Add to that the video training and the responsive customer support, my life is so much easier these days. Paul Clifford has really thought this through. I'm a loyal fan!

Jonathan Marx - InQuill Medical Communications, LLC

I am new in the online marketing industry. When I heard that people are doing online marketing for their businesses, I could hardly believe that it can be effective. That was until I started doing research on online marketing I came across Kudani. KudaniCloud is absolutely amazing! It makes it so much easier to direct content to the different channels. Reading the book “Content Marketing for Dummies”, opened my eyes even more. It explains everything in a way that even somebody like me, who was a fashion designer for most of my adult life, could understand the importance of online content marketing. I took my fashion design to another level, thanks to online marketing. Instead of designing the garments for clients, I now guide women across the globe to develop their own personal style in order to communicate who they really are.

Franci Lacquet - Great Look Ladies