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Dear Website Owner,

If you have any interest in increasing your website traffic by 100%, 200% or even 500%...using the one proven technique that every search engine approves, then I suggest you read every word of this letter.

Let's get down to business: My name is Paul Clifford and I am the Founder of PageOneTraffic. We specialize in developing software solutions that solve traffic problems. Since 2010 our products have proven to help users increase traffic, sales and get top search rankings.

About 12 months ago, numerous clients started coming to us with similar problems.

They wanted more free traffic, but were struggling.

They were feeling frustrated!

The thing is there is so much conflicting information and fly by night plugins out there - that make bold promises but rarely deliver. Or they do deliver but they are not sustainable - once the algorithm changes the loophole gets closed and you are back to square one again.

And of course doing it by hand takes forever.

These are the problems they were facing:

  • we had clients that were spending countless hours trying to get traffic
  • blogs weren't converting visitors into sales
  • engagement was dropping through the floor and bounce rate rocketing upwards
  • and then they struggled for inspiration
  • there was no plan - it was random spurts of blog posts with no real purpose
  • they weren't announcing their blog posts to social networks properly and certainly weren't tracking their metrics
  • they were even writing guest posts and blog comments, but weren't seeing the effect
  • And most of all there was no traffic, no visitors and no sales

Part of it was education but the majority
of it was time - it was painful.

They were getting results like this:

when they wanted to see RESULTS LIKE this:

A Solution Was Needed

We knew that something had to change, things could not stay the same. This was a huge problem that our customers were facing. This was directly impacting their livelihood. We wanted to produce a sustainable solution that would solve all of their problems.

And just as we were starting to brainstorm a solution Panda hit again. But this time it was different. These updates closed all the loopholes, gimmicks and tricks.

Finally, it was about what it should have been about all along - visitor engagement and great content. And that was exactly what we knew how to do.

You see there is one strategy which over the years has always stood the test of time with the search engines...

Curate content -
Attract Backlinks - Make people want to share -

Using Curation, 10 minute guest posts, press releases and viral loops - you'll get rankings, traffic and conversions like never before.

Think Content Marketing Automation

And just to be clear we know these strategies work... look at the industry facts.

  • Content marketing continues to see growth because it is the future of online marketing. (
  • One of the most effective, lowest-cost ways to drive traffic and build awareness for your business is through content marketing (
  • 90% of organizations are marketing with content. (Content Marketing Institute) and they're doing it because:
  • Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7% close rate. (Hubspot)
  • Business to business companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms. (Social Media B2B)

So every company out there is now jumping into content marketing because they know it works - and its here to stay.

But this is the real underlying benefit-

61% of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content
and they are more likely to buy from that company.

Here is the Strategy

And your 5 step plan to content marketing success:

Become a Curator

Eric Schmidt from Google said "The real issue is user-generated content. Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003"

People are overwhelmed with content - by becoming a curator people will trust your viewpoint, your expression, your recommendations. In doing so they will return and build on your traffic.

Write engaging stories based on what people are actually searching for

Use trending keywords in the title of your post and also variants of the keywords in the content too. Provide answers to their problems right now.

Promote your content

When you publish something or find something interesting tweet it, syndicate it to your Facebook page, write guest posts on your topic with a link back to your page.

Use link bait

Backlinks are still the measure of authority. Create infographics, slideshares, videos that are relevant and interesting - and make sure they encourage sharing.

Plan the execution

Create a publishing and promotion plan that's consistent.

Sounds like a lot of work?

We found a way to speed up the whole process for you... saving you time and money so you can focus on your real business and the things that matter most.

Imagine a tool that enables you to -

  • Curate and publish content in minutes
  • Build posts that target the real keywords to get trending traffic
  • Use proven titles, questions and topics that people are using everyday to get engagement on their sites
  • Experience the intense viral effect of infographic backlinks
  • Find guest post and link opportunities in minutes
  • Reverse engineer competitors social metrics so you can beat them at their own game
  • Use "Fill in the blanks" templates to get that explosion of visitors


As a blogger this will help you create inspiring posts and never be stuck for ideas.

As a SEO you can curate and publish quickly using keyword optimized posts that improve your traffic and rankings.

As a Social Media Expert you will be riding the trends and posting to Facebook increasing your engagement and shares.

As an Offline Consultant increase your revenue by providing a valued content marketing service for your clients.

As a marketer you can publish engaging, inspiring content that will make your customers love your site and buy your products.

Before I introduce you to this brand new, state of the art solution

Take a look at what some customers are saying about our products-

THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! I love PageOneTraffic products because they are easy and simple to use right out of the box.

Pierre Moise -

Paul is one of the best, glad to recommend his products and excellent support.

Bill Hayden - Hayden & Associates

Because of Paul's software, I am a hero with my clients! :)

Kate Saunders - Success Aligned Mobile, Success Aligned Marketing

Thank you... for producing top quality products. You have a lifelong customer here.

Kimberly Hawthorne -

All these customers and more than 15,832 others buy our products, because they are designed to solve real problems in the market, are continually upgraded, and fully supported.

Introducing Kudani

Kudani is the first ever all-in-one desktop content marketing software. It runs on the Adobe Air platform and can be used on both Mac and PC. Kudani lets you research, publish, and promote your content effortlessly and quicker than ever before.

Here's what you get...

Keyword Explorer...

  • Allows you to generate 1000s of keywords that people are actually looking for so you can rank faster
  • Pull in keywords from Amazon, Google, Bing, YouTube and ASK so you can fully customize your content based on your website focus
  • Examine trends to identify exploding or declining
    niches so you can effectively plan which tasks
    to do next
  • Copy those keywords into your project so you
    can stay focused on your goals

Post Editor...

  • Create blog posts for remote publishing to WordPress so can post quickly
    leaving more time for other tasks
  • Schedule posts for delayed publishing
  • Drag and drop snippets editor for saving those
    little quotes or moments of inspiration
  • Post or schedule Facebook status updates
    building your engagement

Built in RSS Reader...

  • You can research interesting articles, which gives you sources for yet even more content
  • You will be able to quickly fetch articles from blogs, news, Twitter and your
    feeds so you can come up with great ideas for creating content
  • You can curate and build your daily posts quickly
    so you can focus on other important aspects of
    your website
  • A drag and drop integration with your editor
    speeds up the process of gathering content
  • Import your own list of feeds or start
    one supplied
  • Great replacement for Google reader which is
    now retired

A Web Browser Plugin...

  • Lets you grab interesting sites instantly so you can quickly tag new
    sites that can be later reviewed for creating content
  • Tagged feeds are automatically synchronized into Kudani, which allows you to manage your content better


  • You can find Guest Post opportunities that actually have traffic and authority so you
    can drive that traffic to your own site
  • You can also find blog comment opportunities so you can create
    high quality backlinks
  • Display contact information, traffic details and
    page rank so you can be better organized
  • You can save contacts to your personal contact
    database so that you can create a network to
    draw on for future projects


  • Drag and drop graphics editor so you can quickly create eye
    catching infographics that will be shared across the web
  • You can choose from a library of templates to create unique one of
    a kind pieces
  • You can post directly to your blog/Facebook page so you can create viral activity faster

Social Engagement...

  • You can monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and PageRank of your posts so you are better able to manage social engagement
  • You can track your competitors engagement
    so you can know immediately how much
    more work is needed on your site to outrank
    your competition

Contact Manager...

  • You can save everything together so that you will never
    lose a blog contact again
  • You will be able to be fully organized by keeping names and
    all contact details together with notes

This is your personal content "light bulb" area to get you inspired, it includes:

  • Publishing calendar
  • Press Release Templates
  • 21,814 Famous Quotes
  • 3,093 Interesting Statistics
  • This Day in history 99,316 items
  • Curation templates
  • Increase your Facebook engagement questions
  • Titles that get attention
  • Topics to inspire your posts

9 modules cleverly sculpted into one comprehensive package all to enable you to get more traffic more engagement and more sales.

And we've done our research on cost too... in fact most comparable tools that do just one aspect of this tool charge between $3,568 and $5,988 per year.

Special Introductory Offer

I have put together a special offer that is available only during the launch of Kudani. After that time the price will increase significantly. It will never be available for this low price again.

Wait there's more...

Bonus 1: Kudani Masterclass - Corporate Edition....
valued at $1,200

The ultimate hands on skill based content marketing training course. No fluff, gets you straight to the point giving you exactly the tools and information you need.

In the 18 video training package you will:

  • discover exactly why now is the time to start using content marketing in your business
  • have a ready-made tool box filled with formulas, check boxes, forms, etc. all aimed at getting you faster results
  • learn through a skill based method that will instantly allow you to better use and understand the power of the Kudani software
  • get better results by having a concrete plan, calendars with timelines of when to post and promote, and a structured process to follow

Also Includes:

  • a content marketing tracker
  • on-page SEO optimization check-list
  • on-page SEO silo template
  • press release master list

This powerful course will take your skills far and above the average marketer and is worth $1200 in its own right.

Bonus 2: Kudani Consultant - How to Sell Content
Marketing to Businesses...valued at $800

The Kudani Consultant course is a complete training package for Offline Consultants. It is geared for those who want to add content marketing to their mix of services or want to branch off and start a completely new business selling content marketing exclusively.

The training manual explains...

  • The opportunity and how it will significantly increase your revenue
  • How businesses are begging for your service, all you need to do is find them
  • Your foot-in-the-door strategy
  • An action plan and pricing strategy
  • How to completely outsource the service enabling you to scale your business to the next level

Start generating extra revenue now in this wide open market.

But that's not all...

In addition to the training manual, we are including:

3 Flyers to advertise to your clients



Everything you need to really make it big in the consulting world.

Remember, organizations are already recognizing that they need content to generate why don't you provide it for them?

This package is valued at $800 dollars and is only available during this special offer.

Bonus 3: Business Edition License - $997

Kudani Business Edition allows you to post to unlimited domains or blogs and run the software in up to 5 workstations. Ideal if you have outsourcers working as part of your team.

Huge Value

But remember, this is a Special Introductory Offer available for a few days - and we are reducing the list price so you can come on board right now and join our club of successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, SEO specialists, marketers and consultants.

Risk Free Guarantee

We're so confident that Kudani will have significant impact on your business that we're offering an unconditional No Questions Asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Simply send us an email within 30 days of your initial purchase and we'll refund your purchase right away.

You have nothing to lose!

Join this club and get the software and all the bonuses valued at $8,985 by clicking the buy button below:


Just take a look at what our customers are saying...

...PageOneTraffic did a fantastic job to to curate QUALITY content. I always worry about my website content - but now...I don't have to worry anymore. Each morning I can have unlimited quality content for my website to engage my readers.

Warmest regards,

I have made additional income ($3,258.21) in just one month...I purchase and recommend all your products to all my friends in this industry. You create software that works, you support it, keep it updated (very rare!), and because you are active in Offline and IM,
you create products that we actually need, products that fill a void (they are not "me too") and most importantly they WORK!

I appreciate you...your products have the most impact of any in my business and bottom line. I use them every single day. The proof is in the pudding. :)
Keep up the good work!

Kate Saunders
Success Aligned Mobile
Success Aligned Marketing

..your product...helps me create professional and engaging posts.

...when adding content to a client's site, I decided to...see if I could get any articles ranked. All I did was enter the main keyword of the article. It was too competitive. But it revealed a phrase with a fair amount of searches and only a few URLs using this keyword phrase. I edited the piece, using that phrase instead.

The very next week I was able to send my client the screenshot I have attached here. The keyword phrase I found...was #6 on Page 1! It didn't hurt for him to see the 6 million+ results either. Needless to say, he was thrilled. And my invoice was paid quickly. : ) simple to use - you can find winners and/or quickly see where you would be wasting your time.

Best Regards,
Kimberly Harrison

I love PageOneTraffic products...professional, easy to use and affordable.

Best regards,

PageOneTraffic products are fantastic! "go-to" product when curating my blog posts.

Ethel Rana

PageOneTraffic to make you money and save you time...

Michael Finlayson

I (really) love PageOneTraffic products...I'm a big fan...keep 'em coming!"

Robert Almquist

So let's recap exactly what you are going to get:

  • You get a solution to your traffic problem
  • You get software that makes content marketing effortless
  • You get Kudani valued at over $5,988
  • You get the bonus training valued at $2,000
  • You get the Business Edition license valued at $997
  • For a total value of $8,985

All this for the special price of $397 per year or $47 per month.

Not only that, but you get the risk free guarantee.

So what are you waiting for...

You would be able to start publishing immediately, have comprehensive guidance and training, have long term traffic growth and feel good that you've joined the thousands of other customers using our products.


This is Paul Clifford from PageOneTraffic. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the software!







P.S. If you buy now you are saving money as the price will go up immediately after the launch. Plus, you get the exclusive bonuses that are ONLY available with this offer. There is a complete no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. You will finally be able to create content quickly and easily. Why not give it a try? If you think it would be of benefit to your business then get it now.


P.P.S. Just think...if you do nothing then everything in your business will stay the same. If you are doing well, then that's great - BUT if you are struggling to get traffic then you will continue to struggle. You will continue to spend hours of your valuable time on content creation with minimal to no results. No traffic = No sales. Don't let that happen to you when you have a choice to change things.